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We help our clients integrate information, people, process and technology – in a simple, practical manner to support everyday operations. Our approach is based on our proven competency and extensive experience within digitalization in operational settings. Epsis delivers early & long term value realization and sustainable improvements, often enabled by our unique digital technology platform, Epsis TeamBox. Our track record includes delivering real changes in operational performance, collaboration, information management, decision-making and supporting new ways of working; resulting in increased revenue, reduced downtime and improved cost savings.

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Value Created for Our Customers

The value created for our clients has been characterized by them as follows: “…value comes from the sum over many incremental performance improvements”. By using Epsis’ expertise, software and methodologies an organization can be made more frictionless and effective.

This is provided in 3 broad categories:

  1. Efficiency Savings: right time, right role & right information to support regular work and collaborative activities. This consistent execution or work provides operational discipline, simple handover, accelerated training & provides a solid starting point for process improvement.
  2. Strategic Business Improvement: consistent execution allows attribution of value capture to work at a low level providing a deeper understanding of the business and opportunity to improve at a more strategic level.
  3. Change Enabler: the methodology and toolset become a means of other projects to integrate smoothly into the business and to take full advantage of the existing software and process portfolio

A further benefit of incremental value delivery is that small value improvements can be delivered and measured on day 1, which are then built upon over time to provide the headline improvement figures our clients quote.

Oil and Gas

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Health Care

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Read about the research project Epsis contributes to – the goal is to shorten project time with 50%


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