New Release of Epsis TeamBox

New Release of Epsis TeamBox

Epsis’ CTO Henrik W. Larsen has always had a vision for TeamBox:

“It should be easier to use common applications together with TeamBox than without, in order to realize the full value potential in your technology investments.”

In the new release, this is now close to becoming a reality. Valuable feedback from our customers has guided us toward simplification of some of their more sophisticated use cases.
Some examples are:

  1. Users can now open Excel workbooks to a specific worksheet, or even to a specific cell in a worksheet
  2. Another application that is frequently used in TeamBox Info Modules  is SAP, which can now be opened to a specific transaction to reduce the effort required to view and interact with relevant data
  3. We have also simplified the use of advanced controls available in Skype and Adobe Acrobat Reader as a part of our ‘advanced simplification’ theme in this release

This additional functionality gives Info Module designers more control on how information is displayed. Bridging the gap between description of, and execution of, activities through TeamBox Info Modules will enable the whole organisation to adhere to best practises and reduce the time required to make better decisions.

The creation of Info Displays that will provide required information to the right people at the right time has never been easier.

The TeamBox Composer interface can now be used to pull together Info Modules using a simple Drag & Drop. The functionality has been enriched with new functionality, such as:

  1. Drag- and- drop functionality for easy re-use of Info Displays and Info Elements
  2. Info Elements Templates will enable everyone in the organization to utilize all the hidden “expert functionality” in the applications already in use
  3. Environment and layouts as building blocks for user-friendly and flexible display management with respect to the visualisation of the info requirements

As a result, we believe the new version of Epsis TeamBox provide a user interface where previous expert functionality is made available and easy to use for the end-users.