Epsis TeamBox to be delivered to Equinor’s new generation of Operations Center

Epsis TeamBox to be delivered to Equinor’s new generation of Operations Center

Equinor has recently bought Epsis TeamBox for their Geo Operation Center (GOC) in Bergen.  

The center allows geoscience resources to be located as one integrated team in GOC in Bergen, where they will support drilling teams and coordinate with the 3rd party service providers.

Epsis demo room in Bergen, Kokstad
(only for illustration purposes)
Epsis demo room in Bergen, Kokstad

Epsis has worked with Equinor’s GOC team to digitally orchestrate their new work processes and present the geoscience team with the information they need to support multiple wells, at multiple locations at the same time. The goal was to support the GOC team to easily focus on particular scenarios and wells without losing track of the bigger picture, whilst maintaining situational awareness.

For more information, also read this article in the Norwegian O&G-magazine Sysla, published Nov 26, 2018 (Norwegian only).

(Picture is included as an illustration)


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