Customer Story: Haukeland University Hospital

Customer Story: Haukeland University Hospital

Haukeland University Hospital


A modern hospital is a complex facility with hundreds of different software systems organizing patients, resources, doctors, rooms, journals, plans, x-rays, staff and much more. They all play a significant role, making the specific area more effective, with higher quality. However, to optimize the total operation of the hospital, most users must relate to many different systems. When a team is coming together to collaborate to make a plan, the diversity of systems may make it even more demanding.

Epsis TeamBox is at Helse Bergen used at selected clinics to orchestrate the diversity of software systems, ensuring proper use of every system, consistency across the various systems and process compliance. While previously, a missing doctor, room maintenance or a patient no-show frequently caused delays, the number of annoying situations like these is now reduced to a minimum.

In addition, the meetings are shortened. For instance, at a plastic-surgery clinic, the average time for a morning meeting is now reduced from 75 to 30 minutes, giving more than half an hour more time for patients for each of the eight doctors in the meeting.

The complexity of a today’s hospital, enables Epsis TeamBox to add significant progress towards optimal use of available resources in the organization.

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