Are you getting the most out of your Oil and Gas Assets?

Most oil and gas companies have embarked on some form of Digital Transformation journey aimed at improving field performance by implementing new, emerging technologies and changing how work is done. A prime example of this in the operations and production engineering domain is the focus on shifting effort away from traditional surveillance of wells and facilities to real-time analysis and optimization. Substantial benefits in both efficiency and effectiveness can accrue for those companies who execute these transformational programs well. In this paper, we share some of our learnings on digital transformation projects – targeted at oil and gas companies that are pursuing initiatives for well and facility surveillance.

In our article ” From Production Surveillance to Optimization” we make a pitch for aiming higher and point to key factors that make this transformation possible. 

Download the article to read more about:

  • Historical view on Production Surveillance
  • Shifting focus from Production Surveillance to Production Optimization
  • Examples on how to accelerate your digital transformation
  • Based on use cases reducing time to transformation by 75%