Customer Story: Chevron

Customer Story: Chevron


Chevron is one of Epsis’ most valued customers and has a world-wide license agreement for Epsis TeamBox for their digital oilfield program. Epsis TeamBox is a software solution that improves day-to-day decision-making and operational performance. This is achieved by managing the different information and collaboration sources needed to work effectively; providing structure to analysis, value capture and decision-making activities. Epsis TeamBox reduces the time to decision, promotes operational discipline and allows for a smarter and more cost effective way of working. For Chevron, Epsis TeamBox serves as a work orchestration engine within their Integrated Operation Center (IOC) initiative. A recent article in New York Times discusses Chevron and North Sea rivals race to keep an oil region relevant. New York Times interviews Chevron executives in their Aberdeen office amongst other issues on the effect of their recent opening of an IOC.

Chevron says the operations center, staffed most days by about two dozen people, enables the company to identify problems and intervene before having to take the costly step of temporarily shutting down production. An 18-year-old platform called Captain, for example, ran for 125 days without having to curtail production for maintenance, about four times as long as usual..

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