Customer Story: Halliburton

Customer Story: Halliburton


Halliburton provides for value creation through the entire life cycle of oil and gas reservoirs, from exploration, development and production to the liquidation. They operate in almost 80 countries in two main segments:

  • Drilling and evaluation
  • Completion and Production

Through these segments, they offer a variety of products and services to the upstream oil and gas customers around the world, from the integrated software and services to the technology related to the drilling tools, logging and perforation, from the production of drill bits and other drilling and completion tools to pressure pumping services. Halliburton’s vision is to be the preferred upstream service provider for the development of global oil and gas resources. Halliburton provides its services to nearly all major oil and gas producers in the world in various environmental conditions, onshore as well as offshore. Collaboration, sharing and visualization of real time data is critical for their real time operations and a critical factor in their real time decision making processes.

Halliburton in Stavanger has chosen software technology delivered by Epsis TeamBox for collaboration, information visualization and workflows. Epsis TeamBox is the standard for conducting morning meetings as well as ad hoc meetings. Information sharing on site and remote is fast, easy and efficient. Morning meetings Onshore and Offsite are executed by the meeting leader with a single mouse. All relative information, including live CCTV, live databases and applications such as Decision Space and others, are displayed on the screens exactly where defined in the Collaboration room as well as to offsite participants. Decision making and actions can be taken directly in the meetings, boosting effectivity and efficiency. With Epsis TeamBox Halliburton and its customers time is spent sharing and working with information, not looking for it and trying to share it.

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