IO Strategy

IO Strategy

Integrated Operations (IO) Strategy

Epsis has specialized in assisting operators in designing, implementing and executing IO strategies.

Through our IO methodology framework, we are supporting operators and suppliers to develop strategies that deliver major performance improvements through integration of people, processes and technology. The strategies create value by enhancing collaboration and decision making across functions and locations, driven by automation and real time data. Improved access and visualization in integrated collaborative work environments help organizations make faster and better decisions. Through applications of standardized, proven technology, development of appropriate (workflow) processes, emphasis on LEAN and minimal organizational set-ups and new ways of working we are improving the efficiency of operations.

In collaboration with our customers, we have contributed to continuous performance improvements and best-in-class results for safe and cost effective operations through improved safety performance, increased production, maximized hydrocarbon recovery as well as CAPEC and OPEX reductions, both for Brown Field operations and in Green Field projects.

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