Customer Story: Statoil

Customer Story: Statoil


Among the core values of Statoil is their zero-incident ambition. If an unwanted situation occurs it is handled in a manner to reduce impact and minimize damage. Unwanted incidents are handled from their emergency response center in Bergen.

Recently, their emergency response team was co-located with their logistics team, who is handling all Statoil-related traffic at the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), both sea- and air-traffic. Supervising the traffic reduce risk of accidents leading to an emergency situation, synergy between logistics and emergency handling is therefore evident.

Scattered around their new Logistics- and Emergency Center (LERC) are a number of screens. State-of-the-art are definitely their two 24-screens video-walls, giving a graphical overview of all traffic on the NCS. Public areas, regular meeting rooms, air control centrals and their emergency rooms are all generously covered by information and operational screens. They are all connected to an industry-standard PC, minimizing use of special purpose devices and maximizing user experience and focus on content.

LERC has a site-license of Epsis TeamBox, enabling them to utilize the most powerful of its capabilities on all screens and for any purpose. Together with the most modern infrastructure available today, Epsis TeamBox is contributing towards the most innovative emergency and operations center in the industry today.

Several news-channels covered the opening ceremony, here is the report from the Norwegian broadcaster NRK from April 15th, 2016.

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