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Value proposition

Have you made the wrong decision because you didn’t have access to the correct information? Having trouble finding the correct information or using too much time on preparation before decision-making?

Epsis TeamBox is a scalable and flexible platform that enhances day-to-day decision-making and operational performance. Implementing Epsis TeamBox in your business means that you effectively integrate and visualize information needed from your software portfolio without complex configuration or programming. You continue to use your existing applications and TeamBox integrates and visualizes what is needed to make each key decision. This is achieved by managing different sources of information and collaborative resources within a simple framework in a consistent manner.  Epsis TeamBox provides the structure for analysis and decision making.

As a result, value is created by making decisions earlier on a broader information base, promoting operational discipline and continuous improvement. It also provides better utilization of existing systems and reduces the need for new investments.


The Epsis TeamBox platform consists of 4 parts:

The Epsis TeamBox platform enables all parts in the business to contribute towards more effective operations.

The applications experts can use Admin Tool to configure Templates for re-use in the whole organisation. The process experts use the templates to pull together their information into modules to enable easy & consistent access to information across the whole organisation that would otherwise be time-consuming or cumbersome to find.

The end users will use the Player to access required information when executing their daily tasks. This can now be done without having to manually search and stack the information on their screen. The Player will find, organise and display everything according to the configuration made in the Composer.

Admin Tool

The Admin Tool serves as the configuration tool for the platform. All end-user clients can be configured at an enterprise level to minimise administration overheads.

In addition, the Admin Tool has the capability to create Info Element Templates which can be utilized when creating Info Modules. The templates can be created from scratch or imported from external sources.

Well defined and configured Templates will have the ability to utilize existing applications to their full capacity without exposing the complexity to the end users. These can take full advantage of all the options of APIs and command line arguments to visualize specific information without additional navigation.

Video tutorial



The Composer is the tool used to pull together Info Modules using a simple Drag & Drop interface. It consists of 3 main parts. The right hand side is a library of all existing Info Modules the user has access to, which can be quickly re-used in new flowsThe left hand side holds all available building blocks defined by templates or the user themselves; these can be applications, video sources or shared infomation. The middle part represents the flow and content of the Info Module in question.


When Info Modules have been created they can be executed in a Player. The Player will be the end users view-port and steering wheel for the Info Modules relevant for the tasks at hand.

The Player can take many forms based on the specific customer requirements. Out of the box, everyone can utilize the default Team Box Player application included. However, it is very easy to incorporate and embed all functionality in either existing applications/web portals or create custom players through the use of our API.


Player demo

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